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Studying online with JCU makes achieving your career goals easier. Our online courses are created with you in mind, offering a flexible, 100% online study model and an interactive online learning environment designed by academics and digital experts.

Study at times that suit you

Balance work and family commitments

Achieve your career goals

Studying Online at JCU

Fast-track your degree, 100% online

JCU Online courses are delivered 100% online, on any device. Study on your day off, in the afternoon on your commute home from work or in the evenings when there are no distractions.

Our online learning programs provide access to leading academic materials, cutting-edge research and ongoing student support, which you can access 24 hours a day, from any location.

The beauty of online study is that you can continue to propel your career while you study. Gaining a postgraduate degree has never been easier, or faster.

Our study model is flexible and manageable

Study one subject at a time, across a seven-week study period

Instead of juggling multiple topics at once, JCU Online lets you focus your time and energy on just one subject at a time. No more juggling priorities or meeting multiple assessment deadlines.

study one subject mobile study one subject
study one subject mobile study one subject
study one subject mobile study one subject

Enjoy learning online with us

JCU’s interactive, immersive online environment makes learning enjoyable, no matter what topic you’re studying.

Video, podcasts, discussion forums, live chats and collaborative exercises suit a wide range of personal learning styles and help learning come to life. Plus, you can regularly monitor your progress with online quizzes and academic feedback.

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