Studying Online

JCU Online makes postgraduate study achievable and manageable. What’s more, our flexible student intake structure fits in with your lifestyle, whatever that looks like.

Study at times that suit you

Balance work and family commitments

Achieve your career goals

100% online

JCU Online courses are delivered 100% online, on any device. Study on your day off, in the afternoon while the kids are napping or in the evenings when there are no distractions.

Maintain family and other commitments without the hassle of a fixed timetable and complete your degree through a more convenient structure.

Our online learning programs provide access to leading academic materials, cutting-edge research and ongoing student support, which you can access 24 hours a day, from any location.

Enjoy learning online with us

JCU’s interactive, immersive online environment makes learning enjoyable, no matter what topic you’re studying.

Video, audio, forums, live chats and practical exercises suit a wide range of personal learning styles and help learning come to life. Plus, you can regularly monitor your progress with online quick tests and self-assessed mock assessments.

Receive dedicated personal support

Gain the support of a one-on-one, personalised Success Advisor during your online degree.

Your Success Advisor is there for you from your first day as a student with JCU Online. They are readily available to help you navigate your online degree, from administrative necessities to assignment motivation, throughout the duration of your study.

Your tutors will also support you over the duration of your degree. Chat with them online, ask questions or seek relevant advice.

Fast-track your degree

With JCU Online, you can complete six units each year, while a traditional part-time course would only offer four subjects per year.

Enrol in January, March, May, July, September or October

Qualify sooner by completing up to six subjects per year

Focus your learning by studying one subject at a time

Our innovative online structure means you can focus on a single subject at a time and still complete your postgraduate qualification ahead of most other university programs.

What’s more, you can enrol in a JCU Online degree at any one of the six study periods throughout the year. We’re ready whenever you are!


Propel your career


  • Give your career a boost with an industry-relevant degree from one of the world’s leading universities
  • Join a long line of JCU graduates already achieving career success throughout Australia and beyond
  • Build a professional network without leaving your lounge room by connecting with fellow students – wherever they are located.