Are you cut out for online postgraduate study?

Posted on 11th April 2018

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Can I get a Master's degree online?
Can I get a Master's degree online?
Can I get a Master's degree online?

The beauty of online study is that it’s evolved to suit everyone.

This might not have been the case a few years ago, with examples of online workplace training modules putting some people off online Master's degrees. But university offerings for studying a degree online are best in class, and head and shoulders above what they were even a few years ago.

So, if you have visions of online study being a lot of on-screen reading and communicating with your tutors and fellow students through clunky message boards, read on – things are different now.

Online study doesn’t mean solo study

One of the perks of postgraduate study is that you get the chance to meet like-minded professionals and subject matter experts. Through online postgraduate study, you’ll still meet those people – just as you would when building your professional network through social platforms, such as LinkedIn.

James Cook University’s (JCU) online learning environment is designed to help you connect and network with peers, industry professionals and academics. You’ll also take many of these relationships with you when you graduate.

The study is online, the support is human

For every subject you study at JCU, you’ll be placed with a dedicated tutor. They’ll answer questions submitted via email, phone or online discussion boards.

JCU also offers support via YourTutor. This is your network of JCU tutors who can provide help with writing, referencing, study skills, online library skills and more.  

Finally, you’ll be introduced to your Student Success Advisor upon enrolment. They will provide access to useful resources, dedicated guidance and motivation throughout your study journey.

How much time do you need to succeed?

It is advised that you set aside 15 to 20 hours a week for study. This includes online engagement with the course facilitator as well as self-directed study. But you don’t have to worry about “dead” time getting to class and back – you can fit things in at a time and place that suit you.

Is the market value of an online degree the same as for on-campus?

When a degree is awarded  – whether it’s online or on-campus – your testamur won’t specify that it’s an online Master's degree; you’ll get a Master's from JCU.

Studying online shows you have the technical and self-starting abilities that are so valued in today’s workplace.

Our graduates have also ranked on top for employer satisfaction in the Australian Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2017 Employer Satisfaction Survey.

What about the tech?

If your internet’s good enough to stream TV shows, it’s good enough for home study. There are a few programs you might need – such as Skype – but you won’t need to spend a fortune on complicated software. And, we won’t throw you in the deep end – we’ll talk you through the tech if you need further assistance.

So you’re most likely to have what it takes to study for an online Master's degree. Thinking of taking things further? Get in touch with our Enrolment team to chat about our online postgraduate courses on 1300 535 919.