A stressed nurse working with a stoic face.
28 February, 2024
Nurse bullying is a prevalent problem in health care. What exactly is it, and how can it be prevented? Find out how to play a role in mitigating nurse bullying.
Two seated figures talk with an image of a brain between them - JCU Online
1 August, 2023
More Australians than ever need counselling. Here are the principles of counselling, plus information on what skills you need to become a counsellor.
data displayed on a board
18 July, 2023

Dating back to the ’80s, Python has long been one of the world’s most popular programming languages.

A business leader at their desk talking with a colleague.
21 November, 2022
Today’s business leaders must navigate the challenges of globalisation while also capturing new opportunities. Explore the skills you need to succeed.
A group of nurses walk down a hospital hallway talking.
19 October, 2022
Nurses looking to become leaders should know what method of leadership works best for them. Discover the pros and cons of various nurse leadership styles.
Nurse high fiving her young patient
18 October, 2022
Practising effective communication for nurses is crucial in delivering the best patient care. Discover strategies to be a leader in the field of nursing.
A data scientist working on their computer.
18 October, 2022

It can be challenging to decipher what the fundamentals of data science are, so we've unpacked what the essentials are.

IoT Devices including cars, computers and wind turbines.
14 October, 2022
Data scientists are driving change forward. Discover how data science and IoT combine to boost productivity, increase knowledge and innovate new products.
Data scientist uses data mining program.
7 October, 2022
Data mining is what allows organisations to interpret large datasets to inform business decisions. Discover how to leverage data mining as a data scientist.
Megan Breen, Nurse Unit Manager at Ayr Health Service and JCU Online Master of Nursing Graduate, smiles at the camera.
7 October, 2022

The role of a nurse has changed dramatically over the decades.