Two seated figures talk with an image of a brain between them - JCU Online
1 August, 2023
More Australians than ever need counselling. Here are the principles of counselling, plus information on what skills you need to become a counsellor.
MBA graduate looking over supply chain plans
24 May, 2022

When COVID-19 became an international crisis in January 2020, businesses began to focus on ways to protect their staff. A tsunami of a supply chain crisis soon followed.

MBA student on her laptop and phone
23 May, 2022
Deciding to pursue your business education and gain an MBA is a big decision.
"A data scientist sits at a desk examining data on a computer screen."
16 May, 2022
Data science is skyrocketing in demand and opportunities abound.
"A nurse studying her Master of Nursing"
29 March, 2022

As a nurse who has worked through the greatest health challenge in a century, you know that anything is possible.

27 March, 2022

Whether you run your own small business, work at a startup or a large corporation, it's clear that marketing activities can provide an excellent return on investment (ROI) - in good times or bad.

7 March, 2022

With the explosion of data across just about every industry, one of the fastest growing career fields is data science.

31 January, 2022

Whether it’s an office, a construction site, a fleet or a work from home arrangement, the Australian workplace is diverse and varied.

A farmer stands in a field holding a digital tablet.
7 December, 2021

Regarding the future job market, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a strong contender for the best place to be. The IoT industry is set to undergo explosive growth in less than a decade.

job opportunities for MBA graduates
15 November, 2021
We take a look at 5 roles that could open up for MBA graduates.