Integrated Global Capstone Project

Subject code: LB5935

This subject will challenge students to think of what it means to be a ‘global business leader’ and to address the paradoxes of achieving business success for a company and ensuring a sustainable future world. It explores the interdependence between business and global issues and the seeming contradictions between financial business achievements in complex and dynamic business environments and the pressing obligations of making a difference to broader global issues. 

The subject provides opportunities for emerging global business leaders to navigate the paradoxes of this landscape and to envision how they can enact initiatives to develop solutions for a better world. It does so by exposing students to the general concepts and tools needed to address and solve issues that are presenting grand, global societal and/or environmental problems, i.e. wicked problems. In the process, students will conduct research to scope a problem; understanding the constructs and associated factors and variables that are involved; collecting, collating and analysing the data; and, dissemination of the findings. Students will learn the basics of conducting qualitative and quantitative research. You will develop research skills that you can utilise throughout your career as you become future global business leaders that can build a sustainable world.  

During the course of this subject, students will grow to understand that as MBA Graduates, they will spend a significant portion of their career taking part in and leading projects, of varying importance to the organisation but of continual impact on the broader environment. You will strengthen your comprehension and resolve that you as future global business leaders, can influence the world external to the business and that your legacy can play a role in building a better world. You can make a difference! 

Learning outcomes


Upon completing this subject, you will be able to:

  • Develop a robust understanding of the term ‘global business leader’ and demonstrate how global business leaders can make a positive difference in grand, global societal and environmental challenges  
  • Utilise theoretical concepts/constructs in development of a project/plan/proposal for a small-scale research project, and in the conduct of research, including identifying, investigating, analysing and synthesise of research findings for that project
  • Demonstrate knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to the relevant business research area, showcasing advanced knowledge of recent developments, discourses and debates in the relevant business research area
  • Apply advanced formal reading and writing and collaborative skills for educational research in the relevant business research area, exercising independent ethical judgment and initiative in practice and research 
  • Communicate specialised knowledge, ideas and arguments accurately, coherently and creatively, to a variety of audiences through written manuscripts and oral presentations 
  • Independently, and critically, reflect on and assess one's own capabilities and performance, and make use of one's experience and feedback as appropriate, to support personal and professional development 

Overview of the project


Students will select a socio-industry project that focuses on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Then in groups, will explore its relevance to a regional economic sector, including tourism, health care, construction, and education.   

Students will not directly work with industry partners, however the subject coordinator will liaise with industry sectors and provide students with learning content including interviews with local business leaders. Students will be provided with further learning material to connect them with industry sectors including virtual tours of businesses, podcasts and videos.  

Students develop and submit a research proposal to business leaders that identifies initiatives and helps align their business strategy to take action on the SDGs. This proposal will inspire new and leading approaches to sustainable business. 

Details on an alternative if a student doesn’t want to attend the capstone

On the rare occasions a student may wish to focus on their own specific industry problem, if this is the case it requires an industry sponsor who will need to discuss this project with the subject coordinator latest by the Sunday of Week 0.  


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