Programming and Data Analytics using Python

Subject code: CP5805:03

Students are introduced to fundamental principles and practices of computer programming in Python. 

• Students learn and use problem-solving and software development techniques including planning, prototyping, version control, testing and debugging. 

• Students develop procedural and object-oriented programs with console and graphical user interfaces. 

• Students research and learn about developments in the field of programming languages and environments over recent times. 

• Students also apply basic data visualisation with Python (Python visualisation libraries) and notions of data analysis with Python (e.g. NumPy and Pandas libraries).

Software platform: Python 

Learning outcomes

  • Apply fundamental application development skills in a modern programming environment
  • Develop and utilise best-practice coding techniques
  • Adopt self-learning with modern support resources
  • Understand and apply Python libraries to problems in data science.


Assessment for this course will occur at various times across the seven-week study period. Tasks may include online quizzes, discussion board activity, portfolio development, case studies, reflection, literature reviews presentations and reports.Feedback will be provided to you throughout the study period as well as a final grade at the conclusion of the study period.

This is one of the interdisciplinary subjects studied in the online Master of Data Science

Please note, course structure and content are subject to change. For information on all course subjects download the course guide.


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