Data Science Project 1 and 2

In this subject, students will complete a data science project in conjunction with an industry partner. They will apply advanced research skills and methods to analyse a real data science problem in industry. The subject is conducted as a management consultancy engagement within an industry setting with guidance provided by the host organisation/industry learning partner. Students will develop advanced knowledge of professional practices, critically evaluate potential data science solutions based on theory, practice and literature, gathering of evidence, actioning their research and client consultation. Students will apply and develop advanced skills in developing a data science project to demonstrate advanced skills they have attained on the course. 

The demonstrated skills include, but are not limited to, data wrangling, data quality, data processing, metadata management, statistical methods, machine learning and handling different formats. Softer skills which will also need to be demonstrated as part of the project include problem solving, teamwork and interpersonal communication skills. Students will develop an awareness of employer expectations with regard to professional performance and conduct. At the conclusion of the project, students will provide a detailed report, recommendations, and management presentation to their industry host. Finally, students will need to develop and demonstrate advanced professional communication skills in order to advance their readiness for employment in the data science industry after graduation. 

Students will be required to self-organise into groups of 3-5. If any student is unable to find a group to participate in by Wednesday of week 1 they will automatically be allocated by the unit convenor. Several projects will be provided to the students for selection. On rare occasions a particular group of students may wish to focus on their own specific industry problem, if this is the case it requires an industry sponsor who will need to discuss this project with the unit convenor in Week 0. Please inform the unit convenor in the first week and they will decide on its appropriateness after discussions with the appropriate sponsor.

Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  • Apply and develop data science consultancy skills
  • Managed stakeholder engagement and network with industry professionals
  • Apply and assess different methods and techniques of applied research
  • Demonstrate and apply time and project management skills
  • Demonstrate and apply advanced theoretical and technical knowledge of data science to an industry or research problem
  • Apply advanced research, consultancy, and presentation skills
  • Engage effectively with others to critically examine different viewpoints, work productively in a group by coordinating activities, allocating tasks and synthesising different material and viewpoints
  • Communicate the findings of a formal piece of work and meet a deadline
  • Reflect on knowledge learned of theory and business practices for future learning and ongoing professional development.


Assessment for this course will occur at various times across the seven-week study period. Tasks may include online quizzes, discussion board activity, portfolio development, case studies, reflection, literature reviews presentations and reports. Feedback will be provided to you throughout the study period as well as a final grade at the conclusion of the study period.

This is one of the interdisciplinary subjects studied in the online Master of Data Science (Professional)

Please note, course structure and content are subject to change. For information on all course subjects download the course guide.


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