Explaining vanguard leadership
Explaining vanguard leadership

Vanguard leadership is a collaborative style of management that engages employees in the decision-making process. It’s about ‘listen and facilitate’, rather than ‘command and control’. Vanguard business leaders are sought by recruiters and credited with fostering greater loyalty, innovation and growth in the businesses they lead.

What does it mean to be part of the vanguard?

Many have described vanguard business leaders as leaders who wear their heart on their sleeve. They are not afraid to be human. They seek feedback on their performance and they see great value in working closely with their teams.

Recruitment company, Robert Half says the ability to selflessly share power and information while recognising the value of open and honest interactions is essential to the vanguard.

Every modern workplace has the potential to benefit from global collaboration. Virtual teams, video conferencing and tools like LinkedIn can connect you with peers and experts around the world. 

Vanguard leaders perform best in this sort of decentralised environment. By networking and encouraging solutions from groups, they enable connections to achieve better outcomes.

Effective data management

Continuous advances in technology are delivering increasing amounts of data and information. Analysing this data to enable effective and timely decision-making in a business context is a job far larger than any one leader.

The vanguard leader understands the power of project teams and networks to harness and leverage data through information sharing. By giving their brightest minds access to the right information, asking questions and valuing their feedback, the vanguard leader gains a decision-making advantage.

The vanguard leader’s vision extends beyond the data available within their own organisation - they engage with trends outside their business, sector and country. This enables them to think outside the box, and to promote sustainable change and innovation.

The benefits of vanguard business leaders

Vanguard business leaders are well equipped for a modern business environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. John Wenger of London’s Quantum Shift Global explains that this is because they have the right blend of responsible, authentic and congruent leadership.

Responsible leadership takes external factors into account while guiding internal factors to ensure positive work cultures and efficient operations. Authentic leadership is about being who you are, not emulating someone else. And, congruent leaders align their words and actions with their values and the organisation’s values.

In addition to skillfully navigating the challenges of business, with these three qualities the vanguard business leader fosters a fair, meaningful work environment. They offer true leadership that inspires, motivates and cultivates loyalty in those that they work with.

Join the vanguard with an online MBA

The JCU Online Master of Business Administration provides more than just the three leadership qualities at the heart of vanguard business leadership.

With a truly global perspective that enables you to study an MBA alongside students from around the world, it gives you the ultimate experience in collaboration and facilitation.

The JCU Online MBA Global degree provides an environment that helps shape business professionals into vanguard leaders. Learn more about this course by contacting our Enrolment team on 1300 535 919.



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