Data scientists: The future of this in-demand role

15th June 2017
Where to next for data scientists?
Where to next for data scientists?
Where to next for data scientists?

Along with 'digital strategist' and 'social media manager', the job title of 'data scientist' has evolved at a rapid rate.

Now, it’s top of the pops in terms of job openings, salary and job satisfaction – rated numero uno on Glassdoor’s list of 50 Best Jobs in America – and evolving rapidly as organisations realise en masse the business benefits and opportunities exploiting data can deliver. Professionals give the gig 4.2 out of 5 in terms of overall job satisfaction and salaries are tempting, with Australian median salaries hovering around $200,000 according to one survey.

Also featured in Glassdoor's top 5 are the positions of data engineer and analytics manager. Individuals working in these data-related roles are commanding impressive median base salaries and reporting high levels of job satisfaction.

What’s involved?

So what do data scientists actually do and what opportunities are likely to emerge for those with the knowledge and skills to steer their careers down the data science path?

Manipulating and analysing data in order to extract new business information is the name of the game. It’s a task ideally suited to those who have solid computing skills, a passion for patterns and statistics and the business acumen to translate the insight and trends they’re unlocking into a commercial context.

While retailers and financial service providers were in the vanguard of businesses using data analysis to help them up their appeal to customers, other sectors have since followed suit and opportunities for data scientists now exist across a range of industries and the public sector.

International management consultancy McKinsey & Co says big data analysis will be the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity as leaders in every sector grapple with its implications. Intensifying demand is expected to result in a global scramble for talent. In the USA alone, for example, as many as 190,000 data scientist jobs are expected to go unfilled by 2018.

Getting into the game

Further study can lead to an opportunity in the rapidly evolving data science sphere. The JCU Online Master of Data Science is a formal program which delivers the deep knowledge of both the theory and the cutting edge practice you need to open doors in the data science field, both at home and abroad.

With multiple intakes through the year and the flexibility to create a study program that’s compatible with your personal and professional commitments, the JCU Master of Data Science online is the qualification you need to progress your data science career with confidence.

Learn more about JCU’s leading online courses or speak to one of our expert Student Advisors today on 1300 535 919.

Data Science

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